Material Options

Coroplast Signs

Corrugated plastic signs have been a staple in the sign industry for decades. Coroplast is durable, lightweight, water resistant, and affordable. It can be used for real estate signs,, election signs, trade show event signs, fence signs, and sidewalk signs. Mostly used for short-term outdoor (1 year) and indoor applications.

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Acrylic Signs

Acrylic, (also known as Plexiglas TM) comes in many different colours and can be used as a sign substrate (background) or shaped with a CNC router for individual shapes and letters. Acrylics is very durable and keeps its colours over time and will not warp with changes in temperature. Acrylic can be heat formed to fabricate boxes, sign stands and point-of-purchase displays.

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Aluminum & Metal Signs

Aluminium is a very strong and durable substrate for signs. Most traffic signs you see are made out of aluminum. Aluminum Composite Panels (also called ACM or Dibond(R)) are a lower cost alternative to aluminum. This material is made from two thin sheets of aluminum with a plastic core. The factory finish comes in different colours and is very durable even outdoors.

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Plastic & PVC Signs

Expanded PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a popular choice for all kinds of indoor displays and signs. It is lightweight and it can be shaped (routed) easily. It is also known as Sintra(R) and foam PVC.

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Wood Signs

Medium Density Overlay plywood (MDO) is an exterior grade plywood with a layer of weather resistant resin that protects the materials from the elements. When painted, it can be used extensively for long periods of time. MDO is still used widely in signage applications although alternative materials (PVC, ACM) have replaced MDO in some instances.

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Vinyl Banners & Signs

Attractive and easy to transport, vinyl banners add a sense of excitement and are excellent for sales promotions, markets and trade shows. The material comes in different weights (strengths) and can be rolled up for easy storage.

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Magnetic Signs

If you are looking for signs that are easily installed and removed on the door of your vehicle, magnetic signs are a great option.

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